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Possibility of generating more power in Faridabad, Gurgaon

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana Power Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala said that there is a possibility of generating about 300 MW of power in Faridabad and Gurgaon through private generator system and the State Government would give benefit of waiving the surcharge on this system.

The Power Minister informed this while addressing the mediapersons after presiding over the monthly meeting of the District Public Relations and Grievances Committee at the Faridabad Nagar Nigam Auditorium on Sunday.

Replying to a question he said that the problem of the scarcity of power alongwith Haryana also prevailed in those states of the country where the power was available in surplus but presently power cut upto 50 per cent were imposed in those states also.

Besides scarcity of rains and excessive cold there are some natural and geographical reasons of this problem, he added. He said that due to these reasons quantity of water decreased in the Hydel Power Projects which affected the generation of power in the power generation plants of the States.

Surjewala said that the present state Government is the only government so far which is committed to set up power plants for generating about 5000 MW of additional power by spending an amount of about Rs. 24,000 crore. The State is getting total power of 2800 MW through its various thermal and hydel power projects whereas the existing demand and consumption of power is about 5000 MW of power, he added.

In replying to another question the Power Minister said that the State Government had taken a decision today to purchase 150 MW of power at a costly rate of Rs. 8.25 per unit from the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and Uttar Pradesh Power Plant at Dadri.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Faridabad - On development path at last- MOA signed

Faridabad appears to have got its real worth it deserved since its inception.It has been selected for a massive development programe >2500 Crore.It would start getting aid from Centre for its various infrastructural development projects sooner or later.

This is indeed a good news for the city after a Long time.


Rajnish Sharma

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Friday, December 22, 2006


Lot of Politics in Faridabad

Hi all,

Do you know why I am silent.I have watching a huge amount of Political activity in Faridabad very recently.

Two key reasons:

Pl. see the archives of my blog, I reported that these would become big issues one day.

Faridabad is the most fragmented city of all times, has no culture or unity.

Do you know that the entire sealing process got completed in less than an hour?

It clearly is a Human Rights Issue- Many shop keepers can't earn their livelihood anymore.

Hello is someone in Governance reading this blog today.

Pl. tell some to act now.Its critical to maintain the status of this city.

Else It appears from the undercurrents that this city is ready to boil and rediscover itself.


Rajnish Sharma

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A new Browser - Flock

Hi all,

Today I have downloaded a new Browser which is quite interesting from Blogging point of view.

Download it at www.flock.com.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


International airports 've competition on runway

International airports 've competition on runway

NEW DELHI: Cities located within 150 km of an international airport may be allowed to construct their own airports. The government is planning to relax the minimum distance norm for constructing domestic airports near an international airport.

The move may allow cities close to an international airport like Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad to have their own domestic airports. The current policy prohibits construction of any new airport within the radius of 150 km of an existing international airport.

“The new guidelines would encourage development of multiple airports in the larger metropolitan regions. This will help in meeting the air transport requirement of different market segments within these regions,” a civil aviation ministry official said.

The shift in the existing policy is part of the government’s overall plan to create an aviation grid across the country by developing 400 airports and airstrips to ensure that a person was located within a 50 km range from any airport. The change in policy has been necessitated by rapid increase in air passengers.

Civil aviation minister Praful Patel has already pointed out an average annual growth rate of 25% in air passengers numbers is sustainable over the next decade. With the major international airports like Delhi and Mumbai getting heavily congested, the government plans to handle the growth by having a number of smaller airports to address the needs of regions with high traffic.

The changed norms will benefit passengers as they can have access to airports within a reasonable distance. It would also result in de-congestion of some of the major airports, which have been facing infrastructure bottlenecks and capacity constraints. Though Delhi and Mumbai international airports are being modernized, the ministry believes that they may not be able to handle the exponential growth in the traffic.

“Establishment of multiple airports will ensure that the passenger traffic is being adequately managed. It would also diffuse the growth in smaller regions,” sources said.

Civil aviation ministry has already included changes in the norms guiding airport construction in the new policy, a senior official told ET. While any number of smaller airports for domestic needs can be built, the new policy guidelines will allow only one international airport within 150 km.

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Delhi-Agra highway blocked after accident kills child

Crime/Accident : Delhi-Agra highway blocked after accident kills child

Faridabad, Dec 10 (IANS) Angry villagers near Palwal town of Haryana's Faridabad district Sunday set two trucks on fire and blocked the national highway linking Delhi and Agra for over three hours after a truck ran over two children, killing one of them.

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The other victim was admitted to a Faridabad hospital in a serious condition, witnesses said.

Following the accident, villagers gathered at the spot and set that truck on fire. Another dumper truck of a construction company, which was passing through that way, was also set on fire.

The villagers then blocked the national highway, leading to a traffic jam and putting thousands of motorists to inconvenience.

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Misery goes on for India child workers

Dear fellow citizen,

Pl. go on and read the news below. Yes, it relates to Faridabad.It is a shocking piece of news from Faridabad.A child labourer being beaten by her Mistress.

What is indeed shocking is that such people are still free & they continue to treat
Small children badly.

Is the Government sleeping?

I think that they have a more active role to play here too.

Misery goes on for India child workers
by Lourdes for everyone
By Renu Agal
BBC News, Delhi

Shanta says she was beaten regularly by her employer
Shanta looks like any other six-year-old, except there is an open wound on her head, her hands are swollen, chapped and grey and she can barely walk.

She is the youngest of the three little girls aged six to 13 years who were rescued last month from Faridabad in the state of Haryana.

Badly beaten and bruised, the girls all worked as domestic helps just a few miles away from India's capital, Delhi.

In October, the government enacted a law banning children under 14 from working as domestic servants, at teashops, food stalls, restaurants, hotels or in the hospitality industry.


What has baffled many is the reluctance of local police to prosecute the family that employed the children for violating the new legislation.

I was woken at four in the morning and then I had to wash the clothes, sweep and mop the floor

Shanta, former child labourer

The sentence for breaking the new child labour law carries a prison sentence of up to two years and a fine of up to 20,000 rupees ($450).

Shanta says she had been working with the family for the past year after her brother left her there.

"I used to work in water the whole day. She [the employer] beat me up regularly with a stick for not finishing my work on time. I was woken at four in the morning and then I had to wash the clothes, sweep and mop the floor," she told the BBC.

According to Shanta, she was given rice only twice a day - served on the floor - and was made to sleep in the bathroom.

She said that she never complained about her plight as that would have meant more beatings.

The children's hands are cracked and scarred from hard work

Two other girls, Rita and Sunita, say they were also abused and locked up like Shanta.

They were rescued by a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) after a neighbour watched them being beaten up and informed the police.

The police filed a complaint against the employers but only under the less severe Juvenile Justice Act rather than the tougher new law.

"These girls were trafficked from West Bengal and then they were illegally confined as bonded labour, they were abused and made to work. Still their employers were not booked under the Child Labour Act," said Rishi Kant of the Shakti Vahini NGO which rescued the girls.

Worst fears

The employers have already been given bail.

Thousands of children work in roadside food stalls

Police say they could not have brought a prosecution against Shanta's employers under the Child Labour Act because the girls were being paid for their work.

"The Child Labour Act is applied only when children under 14 are not paid for their work and when they are trafficked, and since this did not happen, this law was not applied to them, says Faridabad police superintendent Mahinder Singh Sheoran.

Experts say the Child Labour Act does not make that distinction. They say that it bans all children under 14 working as domestic labour and in roadside eateries and hotels.

Haryana Labour Minister Birender Singh supports the district administration's stand but following pressure from the local media has now ordered that the employers be charged under the Child Labour Act.

Social activists were largely sceptical about the efficacy of the new law when it was brought into force in October. They say cases like Shanta's confirm their worst fears.

NGOs say that as children continue to work in inhuman conditions, many in the political and administrative establishment continue to remain indifferent to their plight.

Shanta, Rita and Sunita are not the girls' real names.

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‘Wear helmet’ drive from Jan 07 in Gurgaon

‘Wear helmet’ drive from Jan in Gurgaon

December 11th, 2006

Gurgaon: At least one person is killed everyday in road accidents in Gurgaon and Faridabad. Alarmed by the rising number of accident deaths this year in Gurgaon (see box), the administration has decided to launch a special drive against drivers and pillion riders for not using helmet, in the first week of January.

Gurgaon inspector general Mahendra Lal said that huge volume of traffic movement on NH-8 and plying of trawlers are the main reasons for road accidents. But, he said, people not wearing helmets are more at risk.

‘‘We agree that most of the deaths occur because the twowheeler riders don’t wear helmets. I don’t understand why riders are averse to spending a small amount on buying helmets just for their safety. People should get used to wearing helmets now,’’ he said.

I s s u i n g warning to offenders in the city, Lal said that one-week special intensive drive against people riding without helmets will be launched in January first week. ‘‘Our cops will take punitive action against them as per the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), which makes it mandatory for both the riders to put on helmets. We are in the process of establishing a separate traffic wing in the city and once it’s in place, we will carry on with the special drive. We can’t let people die like this,’’ the IG said.

According to traffic cops, though the provisions of the MVA is applicable all over the country, in Gurgaon only 10 to 20 per cent two-wheeler riders use helmets.
A senior traffic cop said once people will have to pay challans for violating the Act, they will get used to the idea of wearing helmet.


Gurgaon: Death toll stood at 273 in 2005 and by December 4 this year it reached 329. The number of non-fatal injuries touched 648 this year against 500 in last year

Faridabad: 237 people have been killed in 2006 against 161 in 2005. Similarly, the number of non-fatal injuries stands at 589 against 434 of last year


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Shake off errant doctors

Shake off errant doctors: DGHSAdd to Clippings
Manveer Saini
[ 9 Dec, 2006 0254hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

CHANDIGARH: Fed up with absenteeism — a chronic disease crippling the state health services, and district Panchkula being no exception — director general health services (DGHS) Dr Neel Kanth Sharma has cracked whip on the errant doctors. In the line of fire are 62 doctors across the state, and amongst them at least three are from Panchkula.

The office DGHS has initiated action against these doctors on the basis of reports submitted by civil surgeons. Serious punishment, including termination of services in 22 cases, has been recommended for the errant medicos.

According to officials in health department, the absence period of those who are facing action varies between six months and five years. Oldest is that of a gynaecologist, who is absent since January 2001. Majority of the cases are from Faridabad, Panipat, Sonipat, Gurgoan and Rohtak.

The reasons for not attending regular duties are umpteen. "Some of these doctors have joined private hospitals and are earning three to four times more than what they were getting in the government sector. A few of them have been able to procure jobs abroad. They have their bread buttered on both sides. While they are earning in dollars abroad, they have also kept their job option open here," said a senior official in the health department.

Sources said some of the doctors, who have been chargesheeted, have already put in their papers, while few have not responded to the departmental proceedings.

"Action has been initiated after completing the entire process, including probe and recommendation by civil surgeons. Absenteeism has hit the patients very hard. Apart from blocking 62 vacancies, these doctors have also disturbed the sanction strength of the districts. Recommendations made by us are under serious consideration of the government," revealed DGHS Neel Kanth Sharma, while talking to TOI

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Chocolate Singer.....Man with sweetest voice!

Chocolate Singer.....Man with sweetest voice!

Born on 30th July, 1973, Faridabad raised by his parents who were singers too. His first performance at four and half years where he sung a Mohammad Rafi song and from then his singing journey began...

Discovered and promoted by the big name in the film industry Gulshan Kumar received fame with his song 'Achha sila diya tune'. He is none other but Sonu Nigam!
Sonu Nigam has been the top most singer today and has all the hit songs till today! His voice plays a magic touching listeners hearts and souls. He has been in this field for a long time and struggled through and made to the top. He started of being the anchor of musical program SaReGaMa on Zee Tv and audience started recognizing him as a versatile singer as his songs started becoming popular.
Let it be a romantic song, a sad song, happy family song or even a patriotic song, Sonu puts his heart in his singing and his voice creates that mood automatically. Let it be Shah Rukh, Salman, Abhishek or even Hrithik his voice will be recognized and every time he has a unique element in the song.

Few of his hit songs include Yeh Dil Deewana from Pardes, Sandese Aate hai from Border, Satrangi re from Dil Se, Zindagi maut na ban jaaye from Sarfarosh, Tanhayee from DCH, Suraj Hua Madhham from K3G. His other hits include melodious Saathiya, Sarfaroshi ki tamanna, Piyu bole, Suna Mann ka angan, Main hoo na, Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal, Kal ho na ho!

I am a big fan of his and planning to create a collection 'Simply Sonu'.
He also ventured into Indipop and was popular with his albums and songs.

His singing has been recognized and he has been awarded Filmfare awards for best playback singer for songs Saathiya and Kal ho na ho. He also received National award for the song Kal ho na ho.

One of the interviews i liked where he said "I am 'shameless' enough to explore every possibility open"

One of the shows on TV he did with Johnny Lever called 'Johnny Ala Re'

One of his first Indipop album songs which was a big hit called 'Ab mujhe Raat Din'

one of his hit songs and my favourite too from movie 'Main hoo na'

Sonu Nigam is one of the respected singers of Bollywood today and one of the youngest achievers too.
Wish he stays the top most singer!!

BTW, if you haven't seen the comic side to his talent, do have a look at: Amazing Mimicry by Sonu Nugam

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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Are u Diabetic & Obese together (2 Ways to Start Burning Fat Quickly )

1. Start Exercising first thing in the morning.

As soon as you wake up in the morning workout for at least 30min to an hour. Studies show that working out in the morning has been shown to burn up to 3x as more fat as opposed to working out at any other time during the day.

Here’s Why:

During the day your body’s main source of energy is the carbohydrates that you get from eating your meals. As you sleep at night for 6+ hours your body uses up all those carbohydrates as energy for various bodily functions that go on even while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning your body doesn’t have any carbohydrates as energy to use and it will look to burn body fat instead for energy.

For you to take advantage of this morning fat burning opportunity you have to exercise first thing in the morning. Don’t eat breakfast because if you do you’ll just give your body some carbohydrates as a source of energy instead of the body fat that you want to burn for energy.

Another great thing about working out first thing in the morning is that your metabolism gets revved up after your morning workout. Morning workouts keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day. An elevated metabolism throughout the day only means that you’ll burn more calories and lose more weight. If you workout at night you may still burn fat while you workout but as soon as you go to sleep your metabolism will slow down and you’ll miss out on all the extra fat that you can burn during the day if you had exercised in the morning. When you sleep your metabolic rate is always at its slowest.

Other reasons why its good to exercise first thing in the morning is that you get the workout out of the way, and working out in the morning will also reduce your level of stress throughout the day.

Advanced Tip: Want to burn even more fat? Add another workout to your daily routine 4-6 hours after your morning workout. Keep your already high metabolism higher by adding a 2nd workout during the day. If you're seriously thinking about adding a 2nd workout to your daily routine then try to do your cardio workouts in the morning.

Mostly fat calories are burned doing cardio at a moderate intensities. Make your 2nd workout of the day a workout with weights. Mostly carbohydrate is burned doing weight-training workouts. The muscle that you build from weight training will also help you burn fat. 1lb of Muscle burns 50 calories a day or 1lb of fat every 70 days. Not only will you be burning more calories, you’ll look better – whatever your weight is.

2. Eat Breakfast
Another way to keep your metabolism revved up all day long is to eat breakfast. After you workout in the morning as discussed earlier, just have breakfast and you’ll give your body the perfect 1-2 combination to jump start your metabolism.

Eating breakfast in the morning is what gets your metabolism started. Don’t skip breakfast and wait until mid-morning or afternoon to eat, your metabolism will run slower causing you not burn any extra fat.

Think about this way-Your metabolism is a fireplace that’ll burn fat all day long for you if you operate it correctly. When you eat breakfast you are basically throwing a log onto that fireplace to get it started burning fat.

Eating breakfast will help stop those cravings you may have later on in the day and along with working out in the morning, eating breakfast will also keep you energized throughout the day and lower stress levels.

Advanced Tip: Instead of eating only 2 more meals during the day like lunch & dinner, try to eat 4-5 more small mini-meals spaced 2-3 hours apart during the day. Remember the fireplace? By eating these mini-meals you'll be throwing just the right amount of "wood" on the fireplace to keep your metabolism burning calories throughout the day. Don't shut down your metabolism by eating big lunches or dinners, keep that metabolism of yours burning fat all day long.

Morning Checklist

Workout for at least 30min after waking up in the morning
Eat a healthy breakfast
Burn fat & lose more weight during the day
Use these 2 tips to reveal that six-pack, fit into that dress for an upcoming event like a wedding or reunion, or to impress that special someone. Whatever your fitness goal is these 2 tips above will surely help you reach them.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Housing projects worth Rs 68 crore for slum dwellers of Faridabad

Housing projects worth Rs 68 crore for slum dwellers
Bijendra Ahlawat
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, November 28
The ambitious project of city development plan for Faridabad, launched under the Jawaharlal National Urban Renewal Mission (JNURM), has finally been set rolling.

The Union Ministry of Urban Development today approved the first phase of the project to improve the basic services for the urban poor.

Under this development plan, two housing projects worth Rs 68.58 crore were sanctioned for slum dwellers.

The Municipal Corporation Faridabad (MCF) will undertake these projects. A sum of Rs 247 crore has been proposed to relocate the dwellers in slum clusters in a phased manner.

Project reports of various schemes, incorporated in the city development plan and costing Rs 2,679 crore, have been prepared and submitted for approval. The development plan includes repair and relaying of roads, sewerage system, drainage, water supply and solid waste management.

A meeting of the MCF authorities and the Ministry of Urban Development was held at Nirman Bhawan in New Delhi, this morning, in which the detailed project report (DPR) of basic services for the urban poor was accepted for Faridabad.

Under the scheme, the MCF would develop multi-storeyed residential units for slum dwellers at two spots in which a total of 2248 flats would be built.

According to Commissioner, MCF, who led the delegation at the meeting, more than 2,000 families residing in slum clusters would be relocated in the scheme in the first phase. The new residential colonies would be developed at Dabua Colony and Bapu Nagar on MCF plots.

He said while each two-room set unit would cost Rs 1.51 lakh, every colony would have the facility of a car park, a shopping centre and a primary school.

He said the detailed project report (DPR) of the third such colony was being prepared and it would cost about Rs 50 crore.

There are a total of 67 slum clusters out of which at least 29 would be relocated. This include relocation of 29,708 jhuggis in the city, he added.

It may be recalled that Faridabad is one of those leading cities in the country, where the growth of slum cluster has been relatively high.

The population of the city is over 15 lakh at present.

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Govt to crack whip on pre-launch projects

Govt to crack whip on pre-launch projects
Directive against fly-by-night operators to be implemented in Haryana
Ravi S.Singh
Tribune News Service

Gurgaon, November 28
The government is understood to have decided to take strict action against ‘pre-launches’ of unauthorized colony projects, especially those falling in the National Capital Region (NCR).

The directive against the fly-by-night operators is said to have come from Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

According to a senior officer, the stern measure is on account of colonizers, developers and brokers colluding for the pre-launch of projects for which no license is procured.

According to the rules, private parties can set up colonies and apartments in areas other than HUDA sectors. This area is technically called ‘licensed’ area. The private parties need to procure a license from the Town and Country Planning department for the projects.

Gurgaon and other areas in the NCR zone fall in a ‘high potential zone’ and the value of land is on the higher side here. In the high potential zones, a colonisers/developer needs at least 100 acres to float a colony. Besides, they need to have some other approvals.

However, the colonizers/builders often go in for pre-launches with tempting promises and glossy brochures, inviting bookings for the purchase of flats and plots. There have been occasions when the pre-launches were done by the operators even without having the requisite land in their possession for the advertised projects.

Even when they had, they could not procure licenses. In the process, a gullible purchaser fell for the bait and lost his hard-earned money.

Recently, the government got a case registered against M/s N.Buildcom and its dealers for carving out an illegal colony in violation of the provisions of Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Areas Act, 1963 and Urban

Areas Act, 1975 for allegedly carving out a colony illegally in the controlled area of Manesar in this district and booking the plots through some dealers. Seven well-known dealers were named in the complaint.

In another development, there was a complaint regarding the unauthorized colonization in proposed Sector 19, Dharuhera in Rewari district and in Sector 89, Faridabad by M/s Ferrous Infrastructure (P) Ltd which has its headquarters at Greater Kailash in the national Capital. So much so that the alleged firm had placed advertisements in a leading English daily wherein it publicized its upcoming projects in NCR which in fact were for Dharuhera and Faridabad. The advertisements were misleading as the firm was concealing the name of Dharuhera and Faridabad falling in Haryana.

Actually the name of Dharuhera and Faridabad was being avoided in the advertisements to circumvent the laws pertaining to Haryana and to preclude the state from taking timely action.

It is a known fact that prompt action by the government against such land deals is very important. Any delay allows the operators to make huge money. The public then finds it hard to recover their money from the operators.

In the case relating to the projects in Dharuhera and Faridabad, the firm along with its agents cheated the public out of more than Rs 500 crore.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006


For diabetics, special footwear in offing

For diabetics, special footwear in offing

M. Dinesh Varma

Harvard to be roped in to design customized shoes

CHENNAI : The Diabetes Research Centre at the MV Hospital for Diabetes Research Centre plans to enter into collaborative research with the Harvard Medical School, Boston, U.S. to design and develop improved footwear for diabetes patients who are at high risk for amputation.

The proposal is an offshoot of the interaction the two institutions have shared since 2003 to sensitize doctors and nurses on diabetic foot complications, its treatment and prevention. Around 900 medics/paramedics have benefited from the last two Indo-U.S. workshops while the third edition commences here on Friday. "But even as we explore newer footwear technologies it is important not to lose focus of the larger obligation of prevention through education among physicians and patients," said David Campbell, vascular surgeon and associate clinical professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Campbell, who played a role in sensitising doctors and patients in the U.S. about management of diabetic complications, is heading a team for the workshop.

He was also instrumental in establishing the Harvard Vietnam Medical Education Program in Ho Chi Minh city where diabetes-related amputation rates have dropped since the programme began in 2000.

According to Vijay Viswanathan, joint director, MV Hospital for Diabetes, awareness and affordability are important factors that determine the use of protective footwear among diabetes patients.

Though a simple running shoe is good enough for most diabetes patients, highly customized footwear is be required for patients who have already developed foot deformities.

The industry for orthotic devices, ranging from a custom-molded footpad to a heel insert, is not geared to the meet the special requirements of patients with diabetic feet. The proposed research project is expected to address this lacuna as well as make the products more affordable, said Dr. Viswanathan.

Diabetic foot amputations are largely preventable with awareness and proper care, but the rate of amputations is high in India, which has an estimated 30 million patients. One of the aims of the Indo-U.S. collaborative workshops on diabetic foot care is to encourage diabetologists to start diabetic foot clinics.

Experts from the U.S. are also looking to these interactive sessions to develop healthcare interventions that will help reduce amputations in developing countries.


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